Have gun, will travel.

An Arizona Alcohol Traffic & Firearms, NRA / DPS certified instructor will travel any where in the State of Arizona and provide the 8 hour training and instruction as well as all necessary forms and fingerprinting required for Arizona CCW permit acquisition.
Call (888) 723-7078 for information.

* Minimum requirements may apply.

As of July 29, 2010, Arizona citizens are no longer required to have a concealed carry permit in order to lawfully carry a concealed firearm.

Why acquire an Arizona CCW permit?

1. Arizona CCW Permit Holders are entitled to reciprocity with 36 other states, while in possession of an AZ CCW permit, provided you adhere to the laws regarding firearms for the state you are visiting. Without the AZ CCW Permit, you may be in violation of several state laws while carrying concealed in other states.
Reciprocal and Recognition to see states reciprocity agreements.
Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit holders wishing to carry utilizing their permit while visiting another state are responsible for contacting that state to ensure reciprocity.

2. Arizona CCW Permit Holders may enter an on-sale licensed business (restaurants & bars) while carrying concealed, if the establishment does not post a sign “no firearms pursuant to 4-229 ARS” on their premises and if you do not consume any alcoholic beverages. Also, under Federal Law, a CCW permit is required if possessing a firearm while traveling within 1000 feet of a school grounds.

3. Arizona CCW Permit Holders have NO waiting period when purchasing new firearms. You may forgo the NICS background check because your background has already been thoroughly checked and verified.

4. Lastly, taking our CCW Course is of paramount importance in order to insure that you are knowledgeable and familiar with all aspects of applicable Arizona Firearm laws and statutes regarding the use of deadly force, interfacing with law enforcement, restricted and/or prohibited places of carry (Gun Free Zones) as well as safe firearm handling in your home, place of business or in public. Other important topics covered in this course are defensive positioning, mental conditioning and judgmental shooting (shoot, don’t shoot scenarios’).

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