Alcohol FAQ’s

Serving Hours

During what hours may liquor be served?

Can liquor be served on election day?

May a restaurant licensee decide when to stop serving food and continue serving liquor?

Liquor and Age

What is the legal drinking age in the State of Arizona?

What is the minimum age for serving/selling of alcoholic beverages?

How old do you have to be to buy non-alcoholic beer?

Can kids be in a bar?

Under what circumstances may an underage person be in a bar or lounge?

May an underage person consume alcohol on a licensed premise if he is with a parent who consents?


Is it illegal for a customer to be on a licensed premise without proper identification?

What are the acceptable forms of identification?

What are the penalties for using false identification?

May an underage person who attempts to buy liquor with a false I.D. go to jail?

Qualification and Licensing

How long does it take to process a license after application has been made?

How far must I be from a church or school?

If I had an arrest several years ago, may I still apply for a license?

How many citations are issued to a license before a liquor license is revoked?

Is it mandatory that licensees and their employees attend an alcohol management/liquor law program?

Operational Matters

Do I have to buy all alcohol from a wholesaler?

If I reported an act of violence to the police, do I have to report it to you?

Where can I get a copy of the liquor laws?

What is the primary area of enforcement in liquor sales?

Is it legal for the band to drink?

May an employee be held liable for serving an intoxicated person?

May an employee be cited for serving an intoxicated person after having followed the employers orders to do so?

May a bar owner drink alcoholic beverages in his own establishment?

May liquor be removed from an on-sale establishment by a customer?

May a licensed establishment offer coupons to be redeemed for alcoholic beverages?

May a customer bring alcohol into a licensed establishment?

May a banquet customer purchase and bring alcohol to a function for which he has reserved a licensed establishment?

Is the parking lot legally considered part of a licensed premise?

Is a licensee responsible for problems that occur in his parking lot?

May a bartender or server buy a drink for a customer?

How long may an obviously intoxicated person remain in the bar?

Must an employee list be posted in an on-sale licensed establishment?

When may the front doors of a licensed establishment be locked?

Is it legal for a restaurant with a Series 12 license to offer alcoholic beverages as part of its off-the-premises catering operation?

How many drinks may I serve to a person at one time?


What if I don’t want weapons on my premises?

Where can I get a “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign?

May I create my own “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign?

Where must the “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign be posted?

At a later time, may I decide to prohibit guns in my establishment and at that time, post a “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign?

Can any concealed firearm owner carry his/her gun into an establishment that does not post a sign?

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