Alcohol Awareness

Arizona Alcohol Traffic & Firearms provides the Title 4 knowledge, liquor law training and services necessary to address the many challenges facing owners, licensees, restaurant / bar managers, servers, bartenders and cashiers in the spirituous liquor industry. If it pertains to Arizona liquor laws and the liquor industry then we have the answers.

We are able to guide you through the Arizona liquor license application process, act as an agent, train and certify your staff with Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control approved Title 4 liquor law programs and provide post employee observation studies ensuring the longevity and success of your business operating within the framework of Arizona liquor laws.

These Arizona liquor law services are designed to minimize costly attorney fees, eliminate time consuming red tape, clarify legal issues and provide Arizona Department of Liquor Title 4 certified training and maintenance programs.

Our On-Line Title 4 Alcohol Awareness Training is a comprehensive overview of all applicable Arizona liquor laws, rules, regulations and situations encountered within the Arizona liquor industry in a format that is easy to understand and convenient to use.

Our trainers offer regularly Scheduled Title 4 Liquor Law Training and Certification sessions and seminars as well as Private In-House Liquor Law instruction depending on your needs.

Our Arizona Liquor Licensing Consultants will travel anywhere in the State of Arizona (from Bullhead City to Douglas and from Yuma to Holbrook and everywhere in between) to assist in the preparation required for any Arizona liquor license: new, transfer, interim permit or special event.

Large corporations as well as individual owners who need to satisfy Arizona resident requirements or those needing a representative to advise and inform corporate officers may enjoy Arizona Liquor Licensing Agent Services without any loss of authority or control.

Our Liquor Law Observations can provide a range of services from human resource advice to inventory control. Our Spotter Service may be used to “catch a thief” or simply let your employees know someone may be watching in your absence.

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