Firearms FAQ’s

I am considering obtaining an Arizona concealed weapons permit. What do I do?

How do I apply for an Arizona CCW permit?

How long will it take?

I completed the DPS armed security guard training course. May I use that to satisfy the 8-hour CCW training requirement?

I have taken a number of firearms-related courses which are more comprehensive than the 8-hour DPS-approved CCW course. May I be exempted from having to complete the training?

Is the application fee to DPS refundable if I do not qualify for a CCW permit?

Is the cost of my 8-hour course refundable if I do not qualify for a permit?

How do I know if I meet the eligibility requirements?

Can I be pre-approved before I pay for the course and the application fee?

What do I need to do to renew my CCW permit?

Am I required to submit a fingerprint card when I renew my CCW permit?

May I drop off my application?

Am I required to take a refresher course to renew my CCW permit?

What if my permit expires, may I still renew?

Where can I get my fingerprints taken?

How long will it take for me to get my permit and what should I do with my expired permit?

Is my concealed weapon permit from my former state of residence transferable?

I moved to Arizona and I have a CCW from my prior state of residence. How long before I have to get an Arizona CCW to carry legal in Arizona?

May multiple applications be submitted using one form of payment?

Can I carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises if I have my CCW permit?

Can non-residents be issued an Arizona permit?

I have a CCW permit. Can I carry my handgun on school grounds while picking up my child?

My application for a permit was not approved because of a felony arrest many years ago. The prosecutor dropped the charges. What do I do now?

Once you obtain an Arizona CCW permit do you have to carry concealed?

I entered a private business with my concealed handgun and CCW permit. The business did not have any signs posted prohibiting weapons. Shortly thereafter, an employee approached me and said they do not allow firearms in their business and I must take the gun off the premises. Can they do that?

Are there any firearm restrictions?

What are the school exceptions when carrying concealed weapons?

What are the permit holder requirements?

What are the rules about carrying in states outside of Arizona?